The Must-See Recipes For Christmas 2022

Published on 11/28/2022

Christmas is always a flurry of activity—we often find it hard to believe there are only 25 days left to decorate our tree, buy the ideal presents for our loved ones, and complete all of our culinary goals (this year, we promise, we’re going to create a gingerbread home from scratch!). Not to mention, no matter what the month throws at us, picking out what to eat for dinner. Let us relieve some of your tension over this Christmas season. We have Christmas dinner covered with this delicious assortment of timeless favorites. Here are our top recommendations for appetizers, sides, and main courses to complete your Christmas spread.

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The Must-See Recipes For Christmas 2022

Pigs In A Blanket Wreath

Who doesn’t love pigs in a blanket? This beautiful holiday app will quickly become a household name among all of your family and friends. It’s a table centerpiece fit for your holiday gatherings, and it’s edible, which is the finest type, in our opinion.

Parmesan Brussels Sprouts Salad

Although making this salad might seem difficult, there isn’t much preparation needed. Brussels sprouts are a fantastic side dish for any fall gathering when they are combined with toasted almonds, shaved Parmesan, and pomegranate seeds.

Fish Pie

Typically, fish pie consists of seafood in a cream sauce with mashed potatoes on top. We added dill and lemon to this version and were inspired by Greek cooking, particularly avgolemono soup.

Cherry Bourbon Glazed Ham

Prepare to base your entire Christmas dinner party around this ham! The bourbon and tart cherries combine to give the spiral ham a light sour and oaky tartness, and the glaze contains just enough cayenne pepper to give it a light smoky heat.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Know what’s wonderful? potato mash. What’s even better, though? mashed potatoes with roasted garlic! The extra savory flavor from melty, roasted garlic gives traditional mashed potatoes the ideal kick. (To take them up a notch, we also add a splash of tart balsamic vinegar.)

Chicken and Mushroom White Lasagna

Few things are more gratifying than a square of melty, cheesy lasagna. In addition to chopped chicken, spinach, mushrooms, and fresh herbs, this creamy white version is made extra-luxuriously from a cheesy béchamel-type sauce called Mornay. It also contains a few time-saving tips.

Crockpot Green Bean Casserole

Without this cozier side, are the holidays genuinely Christmas? This recipe makes green bean casserole even easier because it can be prepared and cooked in your slow cooker rather than in an oven.

Beef Wellington

Although the dish’s origins are unknown, we do know that it is a festive showstopper and not for the weak of stomach. Below, we dissect every component of a traditional beef Wellington from top to bottom so you may confidently create the best possible dish. We have faith in you!

Broccoli Cauliflower Casserole

With the help of the microwave, we quickly tenderize the broccoli and cauliflower. Next, we combine it with a no-cook sauce consisting of ranch powder, tangy-sweet sun-dried tomatoes, and spicy red pepper flakes. You may serve this as a side dish or turn it into a complete meal by adding some shredded rotisserie chicken.

Pull-Apart Christmas Tree

This is the perfect Christmas app right now. This center-piece appetizer is incredibly cheesy and herbaceous, and it looks and tastes amazing. And it’s ready in less than an hour!

Perfect Roast Lamb

The process for roasting a lamb shoulder is comparable to that of roasting a chicken, if not simpler. All you have to do is rub some fresh herbs, garlic, and olive oil on your roast before baking it for about an hour. For the ideal, sumptuous Christmas meal, roast the meat on top of a bed of potatoes.

Skillet Cornbread

This cornbread promotes the ideal texture of crackly crust around moist, decadent corn cake in addition to requiring less cleanup (we love an oven-to-table vessel). It takes less time to bake the batter when it is poured into a preheated cast-iron pan because the batter sears (there is no sizzling sound when it is poured in).

Pizza Casserole

A new family favorite has emerged from the worlds of cheesy pizza and bubbling baked pasta: pizza casserole. This meal, which comes in a 13″ by 9″ pan, is stuffed with sausage, vegetables, and lots of cheese and has all the cheesy, tomato-filled goodness of our favorite take-out pizza.

Grapefruit & Goat Cheese Fennel Salad

We paired the crisp, licorice-flavored fennel with other winter-appropriate foods like juicy grapefruit, briny Kalamata olives, creamy goat cheese, and some rich, toasted pine nuts.

Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms

The crab-stuffed mushroom is the king of fancy appetizers, but they also make a fantastic main dish. Use portobello mushrooms in place of the cremini to turn these into a dinner-worthy entrée.

Bacon-Wrapped Dates

It’s time to get acquainted with dates if you’re not already! The sweetness of the date is the PERFECT balance to the creamy goat cheese, salty bacon, and crispy dates. Every time you serve these, we promise they will disappear from the plate.