5 Tips Motivate And Get Your Children Excited About Reading

Published on 10/10/2021

As parents, we know just how important reading is, especially for kids. Not only can reading broaden your child’s horizon and inspire their creativity but it can also give them a headstart when it comes to learning at school. But many parents are always looking for ways to get their kids excited about reading. If you are one of them, here are some great ways to help encourage your children and get them excited about reading.

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5 Tips Motivate And Get Your Children Excited About Reading

Start Early

One of the best ways to get your kids to love reading is by showing them just how much fun it can be. Experts suggest that the earlier you start reading with your kids the better and more beneficial it will be. Additionally, they say when they are babies, you can begin by reading to them. This has proven to both improve cognitive skills as well as expand their knowledge and vocabulary. And no time is too early to start, so parents, get reading now!

Join A Library Or Get A Bookstore Membership

This is perfect for children of all ages, but as we mentioned before, the earlier you start the better. There are so many benefits that come with joining a library or getting a bookstore membership for your kids. Firstly, this is known to be a fun activity for all children and can also be seen as an exciting bi-weekly outing. In addition, kids will learn responsibility especially as they need to share books with others. Experts are also very fond of this idea as they believe this is one of the best ways for children to develop their imagination and communication skills. Of course, your kids will also be exposed to a huge variety of books about various subjects.

Pair Books With Movies

Another great way to encourage children to read is to pair certain books with movies. Knowing that there will be a movie to watch after reading a book is a terrific way to get screen-loving kiddos on board with books. Generally, this will work for older children, however, you can also try this method for kids who are around 4 or 5 years old too.  This is also perfect as the whole family can get involved.

Give Them The Choice

This next one is actually very important, no matter how old your children are. You should always allow them to make the choice when it comes to reading books as it’s one of the best ways to keep them motivated. This also lets them make their own discoveries about various topics and subjects. Whether they choose a book based on its cover, title, or plot summary, let them do the picking. If they’re younger, they may want to choose books based on the pictures or colors they notice. No matter their age, they’ll connect more with the story if it’s about something they’re interested in.

Offer Goals Or Rewards

If your child is hesitant to read on his or her own, you could always try to set some reading goals. There are loads of different rewards parents can use to help motivate children to read. For example, if your preschooler reads 50 or 100 books, you can take him or her out for ice cream or to get that special toy they have been asking you to buy. For older kids and teenagers, you can reward them by going shopping or ordering their favorite dinner. Of course, the incentives do not need to be expensive, as long as it positively encourages your child to read.