How To Survive Traveling With Little Kids

Published on 01/02/2020

Whether you decide to go on a road trip with your small kids or if you feel up to the challenge of taking them with you on an airplane, traveling with kids can be a huge hassle if you aren’t as prepared as you can possibly be for it. Whether you’re traveling alone or with your significant other, traveling with your kids takes all of the efforts you can put forth. We’ve put together a few tips and tricks for making your life a little bit easier when traveling with little kids alongside you.

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How To Survive Travelling With Little Kids

Overpack For Them

Simply put, kids are not like adults. They can’t always go a full day in the same undergarments or the same outfit. If you’re going on a trip for five days, pack ten pairs of underwear for them. You never know what can happen, and especially if you’re going somewhere without easy access to laundry, you’d rather be safe than sorry. Kids tend to spill their food and drinks while eating because they are still tackling their fine motor skills and learning how to maintain control over silverware, so when they spill spaghetti sauce all over their white shirt, you’re going to want to change that as soon as possible.

Keep Snacks Accessible

There’s nothing worse than managing a hungry child, especially when you’re trying to drive in the car or when you’re on a packed airplane with people staring at you because your child just woke them from a nap. Pack tons of your child’s favorite snacks; if they don’t eat them all on the plane, they’ll eat them during the trip and on the way home. Food on airplanes and at rest stops on road trips can be expensive and extremely unhealthy.

If They Have A Comfort Blanket, Bring It

It’s heartbreaking for a parent to watch their child be sad because they miss home, but sometimes having their little piece of home with them when they need it can make them feel better. If they have a baby blanket or a stuffed animal they tend to attach to for comfort, let them bring it on the trip with them. Even if they’re at the age where they’re starting to be less attached to it, they might still want to turn to this bit of comfort if they need to.

Let Them Use Their Electronics

As a parent, it’s not uncommon to want to limit your child’s screen time, but doing so while traveling can not only upset them, but can end up being a big headache for you. If they have a tablet they like to play games on or watch movies from, let them use it during travel time. It will keep them busy and distracted, which will keep things quiet for you for a while. It’s a win-win situation.