Children’s Birthday Ideas – How To Plan Your Childs Birthday Party

Published on 03/22/2023

What should not be missing at a celebration, how many guests can the child invite and what is done – we present the most beautiful children’s birthday ideas.
Children look forward to their birthday like snow kings – no wonder, the day is something special and should be celebrated appropriately. We present you with beautiful ideas for children’s birthday parties for indoors and outdoors as well as delicious recipe ideas that children love. Nothing should go wrong on the birthday child’s day of honor. This checklist helps to keep track:

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Children’s Birthday Ideas – How To Plan Your Childs’s Birthday Party


A motto is not absolutely necessary, but dressing up is not only popular on Halloween, many children also enjoy it a lot at birthday parties. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is and whether you’re partying inside or outside. Possible mottos: Sea/Mermaid, zoo, farm yardy of honor of the child.

Who Is Invited?

Here, of course, the birthday child has the highest decision-making power. It’s his birthday, after all, which he wants to celebrate with the people he cares about. You should make sure that there are not too many children at the children’s birthday party. Because both the children and the parents who supervise the spectacle can quickly become overwhelmed. The fewer guests, the less stressful situation. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended not to invite more friends as the child grows old. It is also advisable to separate the associated celebration with family from that of friends. Hosts rarely multitask and should focus on one group of people. So it’s best to plan a children’s birthday party and a separate family celebration.


It’s no secret that entertaining children isn’t easy. Every child is different, likes different things, and has their own personality. In addition to a fun introductory game to get you started, we present you with cool crafting ideas. We also go into the absolute classic games and then to extraordinary children’s birthday games that you may not have heard of, but which will be incredibly popular at the party.

Getting To Know Each Other

Some children have several groups of friends: classmates, the boys from the soccer team, the girls from the children’s choir… It can sometimes happen that the children at the children’s birthday party don’t even know each other and have to warm up to each other first. An introductory round is a great way to do this, and it also strengthens the community. You will find countless introductory games on the Internet, which should of course be adapted to the age of the children.

Food And Snacks

It’s best to prepare the food as best you can before the child’s birthday party so that you don’t have to worry about anything (or just warm it up) during that time. Important: ask the parents of the invited children in advance whether their child cannot tolerate certain foods. Nowadays, there are many who have to avoid certain foods because of their allergies!