6 Tricks For More Punctuality In Everyday Life

Published on 01/02/2022

Do you finally want more punctuality in your life? With these tips you can manage to gradually drive out the unpunctuality.

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6 Tricks For More Punctuality In Everyday Life

Get Up With The First Ring Of The Alarm Clock

Wake up when the alarm goes off for the first time. And banish the snooze button. It usually starts early in the morning: You treat yourself to a few more minutes – and because it’s so comfortable in bed, you press the snooze button … and then again … and again … until you are way too late and the day begins with hectic and unpunctuality. Not a good idea! It is best to position the alarm clock a long way from the bed so that you have to get up straight away.

Prepare The Evening Before

Prepare everything in the evening before. Be it the coffee machine or the breakfast table. Put the bag packed next to the front door and arrange the clothes of all family members. There are many things that you can do without rush the evening before. And that ensures that you leave the house on time and with much less stress the next morning.

Know What The Time Is

Always have a watch within sight. And by that we don’t just mean the smartphone, which pretty much all of us usually have within reach. Get yourself a really chic wristwatch, set a clock in every room at home and make sure that you always have an eye on the time. That helps not to waste time.

Check The Travel Times You Need To Get To A Destination

Thanks to GPS or Google Maps, we now have the luxury of being able to determine the required travel time fairly well and precisely. So if you have an appointment, ask your car or Dr. Google how long you will probably need. And then plan the travel time to your appointments.

Realistic Assessment

No problem, you only require 20 minutes to get ready in the morning. Certainly. Definitely.
But actually, it’s 45 minutes in the end because you completely miscalculated. In order for punctuality to work out, it is also crucial that you realistically estimate how long you will need.

Change The Clock

If you can’t get your time management under control with any of these tips, you can try to outsmart your unpunctual bastard with a trick. Just put your watch forward ten minutes and always use it as a guide. The pointer will then urge you to hurry – even if you actually still had some time.

Good Organization And Time Management

Being late is often a sign that you are not well organized. Do you feel like you have to do a thousand tasks at once, all of which come to your mind when you leave the house? Then make a plan. If you allow half an hour to do the housework every day, you don’t have to do the dishes on the fly instead of driving to meet your friends. A list also helps you keep track of all upcoming tasks. The best thing to do is to hang it up clearly visible in the apartment and put a pen next to it so that it is always up-to-date.