How To Celebrate National Cousins Day

Published on 07/19/2021

Typically speaking, cousins are our very first friends and often become lifelong companions. Through all the bonding at family vacations, birthdays, or religious holidays, having cousins is not just special but so important as well. It’s no wonder every July 24, we have an awesome day called National Cousins Day. This is a great opportunity to thank and appreciate all your cousins for being so special. It’s also a wonderful way to reconnect with family members and stroll down memory lane. If you’re looking for some amazing ideas on how to celebrate this day, keep reading…

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How To Celebrate National Cousins Day

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

If you and your cousins were lucky enough to grow up together, you’re bound to have countless amount of photos from back in the day. Whether they are from birthdays, family vacations, or just random, embarrassing pictures, there’s nothing like taking a good trip down memory lane. If you’re looking to add some more fun into the day, why not take a few of your best family photos and recreate them in your adult years. The entire family will be in stitches!

Plan A Party

This next idea will work out great if you have quite a large family with many cousins…throw a party on National Cousin’s Day. There’s no reason why this day should not be celebrated. And, as the day falls in the middle of summer, the possibilities are endless. You can choose to host a family bbq, a fancy dinner party, or even hire out your local restaurant. There’s no doubt that whatever you decide, just being in each other’s company will be super special.

Weekend Getaway

If you and your family are feeling a little adventurous, why not plan a short (or long) family trip together? National Cousins Day falls on a weekend this year which gives you the opportunity to plan a special weekend getaway for all the cousins. Whether you want to be brave and head on a road trip to the mountains and hike or prefer a beach vacay where you all can relax and soak up the sun, the options are totally endless. There’s definitely something for all kinds of families.

Family Photoshoot

This idea is something that you all can cherish forever. Get all the cousins together, dress in complementary outfits, hire a photographer and capture some beautiful moments. This is something that can be done with coupons of all ages, no matter how big or small your family may be. Make sure that you order extra copies for the grandparents, or any other family members you want to gift.

Get Into The Genes

National Cousins Day is a great time to learn more about your family genetics. There are a few options for this one, you could start by going through your family tree and then if you feel like diver a little deeper, you could all consider getting some DNA testing done. There are a few services that you can use, the two that come most recommend are and MyHeritage. It’s a truly fascinating way to learn about your genetics and family history.

Virtually Hang Out

Considering the current pandemic, and the high chance that many family members live in all parts of the world, this is an awesome idea. You can still get together with your cousins to celebrate Nation Cousins Day, you’ll just be doing it virtually. Set a convenient time and day for your cousins to all log in and be together on screen. Pour a cocktail and reminisce from the comfort of your own home.