4 Tips For Spending More Time With Family

Published on 08/24/2021

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there is often too little time in the family for things together. However, if you set the right priorities, you can create the necessary freedom. Five tips for more time. Start with a day, maybe on the weekend. Find out together which day is best for you, without any stress. If that works well, then you increase the number. I promise you that in time it will be quite normal for you to eat together, and you will enjoy the time.

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4 Tips For Spending More Time With Family

Turn Duties Into Shared Experiences

While the family often eats separately on weekdays, the weekends offer opportunities for meals together. Preparing this doesn’t have to be left to you alone. It’s much more fun when not only eating, but also cooking takes place together. Even the youngest family members can cut or peel vegetables. Or everyone can prepare a course, depending on their preference.

Curb Digital Time Wasters

Most people spend a lot of time-consuming media and using social media. Facebook alone records around 680 million page views per month in Germany. How often do you click on social networks, how often do you check your e-mails a day? Every reading of a message means a break in what we are doing. The more we digress in this way, the longer it will take us to concentrate on what we are doing again. Good self-management includes taking conscious offline times for important tasks that require full attention – this applies to work as well as important conversations with family or friends. According to the Forsa Institute, one in five people across all age groups wants to be less online this year. For 14 to 29-year-olds, it is even 38 percent.

Say Goodbye To Perfectionism

If you always want to do everything perfectly, there will never be enough time to meet your own requirements. Do you really have to prepare the meeting for tomorrow in the evening? Or do you prefer to give your wife the time and go to the office earlier the next morning? It is important to carefully consider where it is worth spending time on optimization and where only 75 percent is enough to achieve a good result. Perfectionists make life difficult for themselves: it is harder for them to switch off after work, they take their work home with them, and they are less able to perceive and enjoy the successes they have achieved.

Listen To Your Internal Clock

Our bio-rhythm determines the performance. For an effective energy balance, it helps to pay attention to the biorhythm. To determine when you are at your best, document for a few days the times when you feel fit, when you most often struggle with fatigue and when you experience intellectual, creative heights. Spending afternoon family time with your family can be a real energizer because it brings your mind to different thoughts. If your working hours allow, treat yourself to a longer break in the afternoons twice a week, for example, and go back to your desk in the evening with renewed creativity and productivity.